YWCA’s Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

Walk A Mile in Her Shoes is an award-winning event bringing together concerned men, women and families who step into high heels and step up for women—helping them to walk away from poverty and violence… one step at a time!

The premise is simple—teams of men, women and families walk in women’s shoes, raising eyebrows, raising awareness about serious issues, and raising funds in support of YWCA Hamilton’s Transitional Living Program.

Last year over 100 men, women and families “walked a mile” in red pumps and helped to raise $50,000! You can help us reach this year’s goal of $50,000 by walking, pledging a walker or sponsoring this worth while event. There is no registration fee or fundraising minimum – however we suggest each team sets a collective goal of $1000 or $150 for each participant. Change your shoes and change her life!

Be-You-tiful Girls Club

Chalk for youth to take part in some street art and writing positive messages and words on the streets and we will also want to engage people in group jump rope games and double dutch!

Defining Movement Dance

We will be running demo classes throughout the day, and showcase freestyle dancing in Hip-Hop, Salsa as well as mini performances & routines performed by students and members of Defining Movement Dance Company. We will also be giving out information on our studio and our summer dance programs for Adult & Youth.

Beasley Neighbourhood Association – STEERING COMMITTEE MEMBER

Neighbourhood Development Office, City of Hamilton

The City of Hamilton’s Neighbourhood Development Office wants to know what you like about your neighbourhood and what you don’t. Let’s all work together to make Hamilton the best place to live, work and play.


Youth Outreach Workers-Hamilton have a table displaying our YOW-H Board and some modest give-aways and games for children/youth

Sage Life Consulting

Find Purpose With Every Pedal!

Just like riding a bicycle, our life’s purpose and direction is self-powered. All you need is your own energy to get to wherever your life’s goal may be. Sage Life Consulting can help you find a fresh focus and positive perspective in life through mindful action.

Hamilton Downtown Mosque

– A vibrant Canadian religious non-for profit institution established in 1992.
– Located in the heart of Downtown Hamilton (intersection of Wilson & Catharine).
– Winner of Readers’ Choice Award 2011, best Mosque category.
– Active member of the Beasley Neighborhood Association.
– Offers a variety of essential social services to nearly 5000 Canadian citizens & residents.
– A Great role in enhancing the level of safety and security and enriching the quality of social life in downtown core.
– In process of starting multimillion community Centre project on land between Catharine & Mary.  A project to bring forth a new look to Downtown Hamilton & a variety of opportunities to Hamiltonians.

Live Music @ This Ain’t Hollywood

1:30 – Earth Wind & Choir
2:30 – High Tides (surf instrumental)
3:30 – Mariachi Fuego – (a mariachi band)

Gorilla Cheese

Gorilla Cheese is owned and operated by Graeme Smith and Scott Austin, two guys who have been friends for 20+ years. Graeme has been laid-off and locked-out of his job at US Steel too many times, and Scott’s department at the Hamilton Spectator is now run out of India.  They formed Gorilla Cheese and are now living out their dreams of entrepreneurship, running Canada’s First Grilled Cheese Foodtruck!

Sweetness Bakery

Sweetness Bakery is nut free and offers a variety of different cupcake flavours and other baked goods. Come and see what we have to offer, because everyone needs a little Sweetness.

The Thoughtful Chippy

We are unique in that we do “International Fries,” including Mexican, French, Canadian and Italian Style Fries.

Also any combination of the following: BBQ’d Pulled Pork (Home-made), Roast Beef and Cheddar Melt Sandwiches (Slow-crock cooked), Italian Meat-ball Sandwiches,
Hot Italian Sausages, Mild Polish Sausages, German Octoberfest Sausages, Hot dogs, Hamburgers/Cheeseburgers,
Onion Rings, Home-made Chili, Indian Curried Lentils over fries (Vegetarian),
Breakfast Sandwiches: Peameal, Egg and Cheese on a Bun, and many other favourites, as we have a wide variety of equipment in our truck.
We also hand out a “Joke of the Day” to each customer!

Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga is a unique form of exercise that was founded in 1995 by Dr. Madan Kataria, a medical doctor from Mumbai, India, where anyone can laugh for no reason without the need for jokes or comedy. Dr. Kataria, and his wife, Madhuri, developed a program that combines laughter as a physical and playful body exercise with yoga in the form of deep yogic breathing (no poses). You don’t have to bend your ankle behind your head or twist yourself into a pretzel.  Laughter Yoga is designed to increase a healthier lifestyle by decreasing stress, anxiety and depression in the workplace and in your everyday life.

Participants will be engaged in an interactive Laughter Yoga class where there are no social barriers, it’s non- religious and is a high impact workout.  All ages welcome