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OSH Event Planning Team – April 18th, 2013 Meeting (YWCA Hamilton, 75 MacNab)

OSH Event Planning Committee Meeting – YWCA Hamilton, 75 MacNab Street South, Rm. 108

Thursday April 18th, 2013 5:45pm-7:45pm

Attendance:  Kathryn (filling in as Chair), Sandra (NEN), Bill (Beasley), Reem (returning volunteer) and Leshia (rep from Bike for Mike group)

Regrets:  Sunil (regular Chair), Lina

Minutes: Mike (sent out by Kathryn)

**Immediate Volunteer Call Out**

Beasley Fair, Saturday, April 20th, 12pm to 3pm – Beasley Park (Wilson & Mary) – ask for Bill (dress for appropriate weather – this is an outdoor event)



Mention of rotating Chair (Sunil absent, no pre-selected co-Chair), no decision


Review of last meeting

    • Present from last meeting: Bill, Mike and Sandra

    • Road Closure issue was sorted – Mike

  • full road closure from King to Guise confirmed

    • print sponsors?

    • no YWCA reps re: programming/outreach updates

    • t-shirt sales update – Bill

  • inventory notes given to Sandra – full count next meeting

    • Eileen and Lina – both responded to last call out re: volunteer roles

  • Lina (met with Kathryn on Monday April 15th) – helping with programming follow up (online sign up form), available on Mondays, will work from home

  • Eileen (sent email on April 11th) – willing to help with scheduling event volunteers, May Art Crawl, Bike for Mike (needs details on location)

Fundraising Initiative

    • Coffee

  • Coffee cards (“I, __________, donate a portion of this coffee sale to Open Streets Hamilton…”) available at Homegrown Hamilton – portion of bag of coffee sales goes to OSH

  • Online – link is (put information about OSH donation in comments section or delivery/contact information boxes)

  • paper order forms – Kathryn to find them and send them out

    • T-Shirts

    • Peter Ormond made original contribution for shirts

    • Only smaller sizes left – Bill recommended printing larger sizes

    • need inventory of current t-shirt supply – Sandra to follow up

  • check with Centre 3, Humblepie and Peter Ormond

Outreach & Promotions

    • New Partner(s)

  • Leshia reviewed Bike for Mike group and “Yes We Cannon” efforts for segregated two-way bike lanes on Cannon – more information to be provided at launch (Bike for Mike)

    • Motion: to include “Yes We Cannon” and other like-minded groups to share human resources in an effort to get OSH word out

  • moved by Mike Cameron, seconded by Bill, motion carried.

    • Upcoming Events

    • April 20th – Beasley Fair

    • OSH has a table

  • Kathryn & Bill to staff table – need others to help out

  • will bring coffee cards to give out and t-shirts to sell

  • need to sign up volunteers – Kathryn to print volunteer sign up forms for Saturday

    • May 5th – Bike for Mike

    • Leshia’s group has a spot already

  • coordinate to provide info for OSH too?

    • May 10th – Art Crawl

    • two volunteers committed – Reem & Eileen

    • can we get more?

  • send out call out with minutes

  • see below for ideas for Art Crawl promotion

    • May 18th – ribbon cutting ceremony in North End regarding 30km traffic calming initiative (re: OMB hearing)

    • does OSH want a table there?

    • do we have any volunteers?

  • Sandra will find someone for the table if we can’t

  • we can sell t-shirts, promote event, and give away coffee cards

  • information about traffic calming is online – find out where to post on our networks

    • May 27th – Bike to Work Day

    • Leshia’s group working to host “Bike to Work and School” ride with kids along King Street

  • see previous motion

    • May 28th, 29th, 30th – EcoFest (Earth Day Hamilton/Burlington)

    • school-age children’s eco festival

    • look into getting a table for promotion – need volunteer to look into this

  • contact Kim Dunlop at Waste Watchers/Earth Day Hamilton/Burlington

    • June 14th – Art Crawl

  • have promotional materials ready to hand out by this date (i.e. flyers, etc)

    • Engagement Ideas

    • Bus Posters – Reem suggested this as most effective past advertising campaign

    • Kathryn confirmed with Cindy Slinn at HSR – OSH can post for 2 months starting end of April

    • need to get posters printed and designed – print sponsor?  225 posters needed on cardstock

  • need volunteer to find print sponsor

    • Sell cups of coffee at Art Crawl

    • great way to engage people as they walk by

    • sell cups of coffee

    • need tent?

  • need to look into permit/requirements

  • hand out coffee cards

  • sell t-shirts

    • Parking space party/activity zone

    • double-dutch competition

  • skipping ropes – already have some in supplies

    • have someone on roller blades

    • do a skit

    • sidewalk chalk

    • already have some in supplies – need to make sure we get it back at end of events?

  • look into chalk sponsor?


    • What is needed?

  • looking for 40-60 event day volunteers

  • also need help with promotions in advance of event day (5 volunteers needed)

    • Current volunteer recruiting efforts

    • Reem has promoted to groups at Westdale High School

    • will continue to recommend volunteering at OSH

  • any tools needed?

  • Green Venture posted our call out on their site

  • social media – twitter, facebook

  • ask at outreach events

  • other suggestions?


    • YWCA doing outreach re: art

  • is our logo on outreach materials?

    • need food on the street

    • food trucks?

    • discussion about how food trucks fit into event

  • is there enough business for trucks?

  • waste/energy issues? generators, grease disposal

  • location – bridge is best

    • could local restaurants prepare easy-to-serve take-away lunches?

    • Sandra to engage local restaurants to see what options would work for food (inside and outside)

    • issues raised around difficulty of permits for smaller restaurants

  • barriers for smaller restaurants to serve food outside

    • can we have our own BBQ?

  • do we need a license?

    • activities

    • local groups to host sports games, dancing, etc. on the street?

    • Sandra to connect with local groups about programming

  • questions around insurance (see below)

    • bike programming

    • Leshia to inquire about bike repair/clinics coming out

  • Re-Create?

  • New Hope Bike Co-op?

    • what programming is YWCA planning?

    • Walk a Mile

  • need details about artists, activities, layout

    • other programming?

  • zumba, dance, etc?


    • Insurance

    • who is liable for “programming” injuries?

    • what is the scope of coverage

  • information good to provide to other organized groups (i.e. soccer groups)

    • Washrooms

    • can local establishments provide washrooms to customers?

  • Sandra to ask for commitment from businesses on James Street

  • accessibility?

    • Water

    • can Hamilton Jeweller’s provide water again?

  • need to contact Robert for permission

  • other water sources?

Next Meeting:  Thursday, May 2nd, 5:45pm-7:45pm (YWCA Hamilton, 75 MacNab – rm. TBA)


REMINDER: **Immediate Volunteer Call Out**

Beasley Fair, Saturday, April 20th, 12pm to 3pm – Beasley Park (Wilson & Mary) – ask for Bill (dress for appropriate weather – this is an outdoor event)

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